Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sunday Dress

I know that Sunday is our most favorite day of the week, right? I mean, almost all of us. Because Sunday is family day. We should spend the day with our family. We should bond with them, go to the church, eat and watch movie together and go shopping with them .

As you can see, I'm posting about my Sunday dress but today is already Thursday. It took me almost two weeks before posting it because of school stuff. 

Last last Sunday, we went to Antipolo Church to hear the mass then after that we went to my Grandma's house for my Tita's birthday celebration. (Just sharing)

So last Sunday, I decided to wear a simple but fashionable dress. I want to be comfortable for the whole day. Thou I wore heels, I'm still comfortable because I'm kinda used of wearing heels already.  HAHA

So here are some photos of me wearing my sunday outfit taken at Techno Hub in Quezon City.

 While waiting for my brother to have his haircut...

I got bored...

Ooooppss, sideview! HAHA

Look at my back. Whoooops! :)

I'm sorry because...

I'm so vain...


Last na to! :) 

So here's a closer look of my shoes. I wear these shoes a lot. I love 'em so much! <3

| Floral Dress Jellybean | Pink Satchel Bag Jellybean | Heels SM Parisian

Anyway, mind hyping my look? Thanks! :) 

Thursday, August 2, 2012



So HYPE my latest look on Lookbook! :) 

What is the reason why I really love UK right nowww?
Oh, have you ever heard of the British-Irish boyband named ONE DIRECTION? :) 
Do you know Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall? 
If not, better search 'em now!!! 

I gotta admit it! They're the reason why I really love UK right now. Their songs are so GOOD! As well as their voices, faces and attitudes. HAHA. So, they are my inspiration in my most recent look on Lookbook.

I also love them when it comes to fashion. I really like their fashion sense. The color blocking is so perfect! Look at them, they're so GORGEOUS! Their clothes are so nice and everything matches so well! 

Too much about 1D, let's now move on to my latest look on Lookbook! 

So it was a very cold and rainy Monday morning and classes were suspended. I decided to go for a review at Starbucks. When I got home, I had my photo shoot for my Lookbook. 
As you can see, the road is kinda wet because of the non-stop rain but I didn't mind it because I really want to post another look on Lookbook. 

| UK designed Top Forever 21 | Gray Cardigan Black Sheep | White Shorts Plains & Prints
| Red Belt Bayo | Brown Boots So FAB! | Necklace

Style Guide: 
1. Experiment! Try experimenting with your clothes if you think they don't look good. (I just
    folded my shorts because I think it's too long and it won't look good on me.)
2. White, red and black matches together.
3. If you're not used in wearing hanging tops, wear cardigans. (Blazers, jackets, polos, etc. will  
    work too) 
4. If you think your look is too plain, try wearing accessories.
5. Be sure that you're comfortable with your clothes. 


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Floral and Sequined

Floral and Sequined

| Sweater Forever 21 | Floral Skirt Forever 21 | High Socks Oshkosh B'gosh | Heels SM Parisian |

1. Experiment!
2. Pink and gray looks cute together. 
3. Don't be afraid to wear heels with socks. 
4. Be sure that you're comfortable with your clothes. 

I'm New

Hi I'm new, so I'll just post my Lookbook account here first. 
So here it is... 

If you have an account, please be my fan and just message me if you want a fan back. 
Hope you'll like my looks!! :)